Last week, the House Ways and Means Committee unanimously approved H.R. 1270, the “Restoring Access to Medication Act,” legislation introduced by Congresswoman Lynn Jenkins (R- Kan.) This legislation repeals a provision of Obamacare that restricts the ability of Americans to use Health Savings Accounts (HSAs), Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs), and other tax-preferred accounts to purchase over-the-counter medication without a doctor’s note, an unnecessary, burdensome constraint that needlessly limits access to medicine. H.R. 1270 is a common-sense piece of legislation that will empower consumers by removing this unneeded regulation. ATR urges all members of Congress to support and vote for this legislation.

HSAs and FSAs allow individuals to set aside pre-tax dollars that they can later spend on their own healthcare expenses. These accounts encourage a consumer driven healthcare model that empowers American families and small businesses to make their own healthcare decisions, without government interference.

However under Obamacare, individuals are not able to use the tax benefits associated with HSAs or FSAs to purchase over-the-counter medications unless they have a prescription for this medication from a doctor. This regulation needlessly complicates the decision-making of millions of HSA and FSA users, creates an unnecessary bureaucratic burden for doctors, and restricts access to commonly used medication.

Simply put, it makes no sense to restrict the ability of millions of American families to use their hard-earned income to purchase commonly used medication. ATR supports the Restoring Access to Medication Act and urges all members of Congress to vote for this legislation.