ATR President Grover Norquist released the following statement following the release of House’s FY 2018 Budget Resolution:

“The House budget is the vehicle for lawmakers to pass generational pro-growth tax reform. Congress should move forward to pass tax reform based on the principles outlined by President Trump. The House budget also lays out an aggressive plan to eliminate spending, rein in the deficit, and reduce taxes now and in the long-term.”

[To View ATR’s Letter of Support for the FY 18 Budget Propsosal Click Here]

Highlights of the FY 18 Budget Proposal:

-The proposals balance the budget in ten years.

-The budget achieves $6.5 trillion in deficit reduction over the next decade.

-The budget calls for reducing government-wide improper payments of $700 billion.

-The budget also calls for more than $200 billion in spending reduction through reforms to mandatory spending.

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