ATR Statement on Comcast/BitTorrent Agreement
Private sector handles issues much faster and more effectively than regulators

WASHINGTON, D.C.Grover Norquist, President of Americans for Tax Reform, released the following statement upon hearing the news that Comcast and BitTorrent have agreed to work together to address the issues raised by network management practices by Comcast.

“This is great news for everyone who uses the Internet for work or play and shows how the private sector is best suited to handle these issues as they arise, not the government.  The agreement should be the framework for future disputes and issues of this sort that arise, not just in the important tech field, but in the vast majority of the economy.  Engineers and entrepreneurs are much better suited to deal with the real world issues that arise in course of business than big government bureaucrats are.  There is an important lesson in this for anyone willing to see them.”