ATR wanted to share with you the following announcement from the Treasury Department:

March 32, 2009
Treasury Announces Surplus of Bs, Urges U.S. Taxpayers to Help Mitigate Shortfall in Zeroes
Washington, DC – The U.S. Treasury Department today announced that the United States Treasury is currently experiencing an unprecedented surplus in Bs. Analysts familiar with the issue attribute this occurrence to the recent replacement of Bs by Ts in the context of federal spending.
At the same time, however, this phenomenon is accompanied by a depletion of the supply in zeroes. Due to the changed nature of the budgetary picture, President Obama was required to work with Congress to quickly string many of these zeroes together in order to take money out of the productive sector of the economy.
However, borrowing from a practice favored by the Administration to mitigate climate change, the Treasury Secretary has developed a very complex plan to mitigate the shortfall in zeroes that would involve trading Bs with foreign countries and cities. While details were still being worked on at the time of the Secretary’s press conference this morning, he assured the American public that his plan will work and outlined the basics of the plan: (…)
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