Americans for Tax Reform encourages Governor Ted Strickland of Ohio to veto the $851 million income tax increase that stands between him and the pockets of hardworking Ohio families.  This would be a great gift to the taxpayers of Ohio for Christmas. 

Earlier this year Governor Strickland started pushing this $851 million income tax increase.  Unfortunately, he has not only been pushing the tax increase, but he has disingenuously called it a "freeze" of the income tax rate.  The final phase of the 2005 tax cuts was implemented on January 1, 2009, therefore making a reverse of the tax code a tax increase.  Hopefully, this holiday season Governor Strickland will have a change of heart and veto this income tax increase.

In a state that saw an unemployment rate of 10.6 percent in November, raising taxes is one of the worst actions that could be taken.  According to Rich States, Poor States, a publication of the American Legislative Exchange Council, Ohio has a ranking of 45th when it comes to economic outlook.  To see the factor’s which brought Ohio to this low national ranking, click here

To see a list of the Ohio Representatives and Senators who voted to pass this this $851 million tax increase, click here.

To see ATR’s letter requesting Gov. Strickland’s veto of the income tax increase, click here

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