Louisiana's primaries for state legislative races will be held tomorrow. When Pelican State voters go to the polls they should remember those incumbents and challengers who have taken a firm stance on opposing higher taxes by signing the Taxpayer Protection Pledge. These incumbents and candidates have made a clear commitment to voters that they will oppose and vote against all efforts to raise their taxes.

With the Obama administration imposing hundreds of billions of dollars in higher federal taxes, 21 separate tax increases to be exact, it is critical for Louisiana's job and economic growth prospects that lawmakers not pile on with higher taxes at the state level.  The following Louisiana incumbents and challengers for state legislative office have signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge and in doing so, stand with Governor Bobby Jindal and Senator David Vitter in committing to Louisiana taxpayers that they will oppose any and all efforts to raise taxes:

Incumbent Signers
John Alario (S-8)
A.G. Crowe (S-1)
Jack Donahue (S-11)
Butch Gautreaux (S-21)
Gerald Long (S-31)
Mike Michot (S-23)
Fred Mills Jr. (S-22)
Julie Quinn (S-6)
John Smith (S-30)
Henry Burns (H-9)
Richard Burford (H-7)
Steve Carter (H-68)
Billy R. Chandler (H-22)
Greg Cromer (H-90)
Jean Doerge (H-10)
Joseph A. Harrison (H-51)
J. Cameron Henry (H-82)
Dorothy Sue Hill (H-32)
Sam Jones (H-50)
John LaBruzzo (H-81)
Tony Ligi (H-79)
Jerome Richard (H-55)
Alan Seabaugh (H-5)
Scott M. Simon (H-74)
John M. Schroder, Sr. (H-77)
Kirk Talbot (H-78)
Sam Little (H-14)
Robert Kostelka (H-35)

Challenger Signers
Tom Schedler (State)
Belinda Alexandrenko (Agr-For)
Gary Leonard (S-11)
Ben Nevers (S-12)
Beth Mizell (S-12)
Garrett Monti (S-19)
Mary Wardsworth (S-29)
Jane Smith (S-37)
Barrow Peacock (S-37)
Richard Burford (H-7)
Jeff R. Thompson (H-8)
Duke Lowrie (H-8)
Ronnie Broughton (H-10)
Jerri Ray de Pingre (H-10)
Sam Little (H-14)
Samuel M Jackson (H-16)
Tim Murphy (H-22)
Barett Byrd (H-25)
Jack Causey (H-30)
Peter Vidrine (H-38)
Anthony Emmons (H-42)
John Bering (H-49)
Theresa Ellender (H-53)
Lenar Whitney (H-53)
Bobby Grabent (H-55)
Emile Garlepied (H-56)
Rob Farmer (H-62)
Ronnie Jett (H-62)
Barbara Thomas (H-63)
Laura O’Halloran (H-81)
Gillis Windham (H-81)
Stephen Leonard (H-85)
David Ridder (H-86)
Coral J. Lambert (H-88)
John LaBruzzo (H-94)
Sarah Holliday (H-101)
Christopher Trahan (H-104)
Mark Magee (H-105)
Pamela Matus (BESE-2)