ATR Releases 2012 List of State Taxpayer Protection Pledge Signers for August 7 Primaries

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With the Missouri, Michigan, Washington, and Kansas primaries taking place Tuesday, Americans for Tax Reform has released an updated list of incumbents and challengers for state legislative office in each of these states who have signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge. These candidates have made a written commitment to their constituents to oppose any and all efforts to increase taxes. ATR strongly encourages taxpayers to consider those who have made this commitment when they vote on Tuesday, August 7. The list of incumbents and challengers who have signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge and will be on the ballot Tuesday is as follows:

Missouri Incumbents

Dan W. Brown (S-16)
Sue Allen (H-100)
Jay Barnes (H-60)
Cloria Brown (H-94)
Eric Burlison (H-133)
Kathie Conway (H-104)
Tony Dugger (H-141)
Kevin Elmer (H-139)
Doug Funderburk (H-103)
Chuck Gatschenberger (H-108)
Dave Hinson (H-119)
Steve Hodges (H-149)
Jay D. Houghton (H-43)
Penny V. Hubbard (H-78)
Timothy W. Jones (H-110)
Shelley Keeney (H-145)
Andrew Koenig (H-99)
Mike Lair (H-7)
Brent Lasater (H-20)
Mike Leara (H-96)
John McCaherty (H-97)
Jeanie Riddle (H-49)
Lindell F. Shumake (H-5)
Jason T. Smith (H-120)
Noel Torpey (H-29)
Anne Zerr (H-65)

Missouri Challengers

Cynthia Davis (Lt. Gov)
Terry Varner (S-3)
Jacquelyn M. Thomas (S-13)
Wayne Wallingford (S-27)
Gayk Wridge (S-29)
Jonathan Steruberg (H-24)
Adnan Bayazid (H-27)
David Sater (H-29)
Ron Harvey (H-33)
Beverly A. Steiniger (H-41)
Frederick S. Berry (H-46)
Dave Muntzel (H-48)
Bryan Spencer (H-63)
Todd Hoffman (H-68)
Rekha Sharma (H-68)
Tyler Holyfield (H-70)
Al Faulstich (H-92)
Tony Leech (H-93)
Kyle Albert (H-106)
John Robinson (H-116)
Jeff Messenger (H-130)
Tom Martz (H-131)

Michigan Incumbents

Jon  Bumstead (H-100)
Hugh Crawford (H-38)
Frank Foster (H-107)
Bob Genetski (H-80)
Ken Goike (H-33)
Gail Haines (H-43)
Thomas B. Hooker (H-77)
Matt Huuki (H-110)
Eileen Kowall (H-44)
Pete Lund (H-36)
Tom McMillin (H-45)
Aric Nesbitt (H-66)
Lisa Posthumus Lyons (H-86)
Al Pscholka (H-79)

Michigan Challengers

Rene Simpson (H-9)
Priscilla Parness (H-15)
Mary L. Stargell (H-16)
Jeremy Cady (H-23)
Michael Shallal (H-30)
Howard Worthy (H-35)
Robert Murphy (H-36)
Deborah DeBacker (H-41)
Martin Howrylak (H-41)
Harold Melton (H-47)
Michael Perrin (H-60)
Dr. George Nastas, III (H-69)
Randy Brink (H-80)
Peter Frangedukis (H-81)
Thomas Raymond (H-81)
Sami Khoury (H-84)
Roger Victory (H-88)
Jeremiah Napier (H-93)
Michael F. Trebesh (H-93)
Ryan McReynolds (H-94)
Jeff Baker (H-95)
Chad Dewey (H-96)
George Huffman (H-102)

Washington Incumbents

Mike Armstrong (H-12, P-2)
Cary Condotta (H-12, P-1)
Larry Crouse (H-4, P-1)
Mark Hargrove (H-47, P-1)
Brad Klippert (H-8, P-1)
Joel Kretz (H-7, P-2)
Ed Orcutt (H-18, P-2)
Jason Overstreet (H-42, P-1)
Charles Ross (H-14, P-2)
Matthew Shea (H-4, P-2)
David Taylor (H-15)

Washington Challengers

Rae Lowery (S-20)
Mary Ruth Edwards (H-16, P-1)
Drew MacEwen (H-35, P-2)
Leslie Klein (H-36, P-1)
Dean Lemke (H-39, P-2)

Kansas Incumbents

Steve E. Abrams (S-32)
Rob Olson (S-23)
Mary Pilcher-Cook (S-10)
Mike Petersen (S-28)
Dennis Pyle (S-1)
Susan Wagle (S-30)
Steve Brunk (H-85)
Richard Carlson (H-61)
Peter DeGraaf (H-82)
Jana Goodman (H-41)
Phil Hermanson (H-98)
Jim Howell (H-81)
Steve Huebert (H-90)
Brenda Landwehr (H-92)
Peggy Mast (H-76)
Connie O’Brien (H-42)
Joseph Scapa (H-88)

Kansas Challengers

Mark Gilstrap (S-5)
Jeff Melcher (S-11)
Jake LaTurner (S-13)
Richard Barta (S-18)
Joe Patton (S-20)
Tom Arpke (S-24)
Michael O’Donnell (S-25)
Gary Mason (S-31)
Jesse Bryant (S-35)
Charlotte O’Hara (S-37)
Larry Powell  (S-39)
Brad Bolin (H-1)
Jeff Locke (H-2)
Tim Kelb (H-31)
Ron Highland (H-51)
Ken Corbet (H-54)
Ronald L. Young (H-71)
Tim Garvey (H-83)
George Edwards, III (H-93)
Phil Hermanson (H-98)
Travis London Couture-Lovelady (H-110)

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