With the California, Montana, Iowa, New Mexico, and South Dakota primaries taking place tomorrow, Americans for Tax Reform has released an updated list of incumbents and challengers for state legislative office in each of these states who have signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge. These candidates have made a written commitment to their constituents to never raise their taxes. ATR strongly encourages taxpayers to consider those who have made this commitment when they vote on Tuesday, June 5. The list of incumbents and challengers who have signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge and will be on the ballot tomorrow is as follows:

California Incumbents

Joel Anderson (S-36)
Tom Berryhill (S-14)
Bill Emmerson (S-23)
Jean Fuller (S-18)
Ted Gaines (S-1)
Bob Huff (S-29)
Doug LaMalfa (S-4)
Mimi Walters (S-33)
Mark Wyland (S-38)
K.H. Achadjian (A-35)
Connie Conway (A-26)
Tim Donnelly (A-33)
Beth Gaines (A-6)
Jeff Gorell (A-44)
Shannon Grove (A-34)
Curt Hagman (A-55)
Diane Harkey (A-73)
Brian Jones (A-71)
Dan Logue (A-3)
Allan Mansoor (A-74)
Mike Morrell (A-40)
Brian Nestande (A-42)
Chris Norby (A-65)
Kristen Olsen (A-12)
Don Wagner (A-68)

California Challengers

George Runner (Equal-2)
LeRoy Ornellas (S-5)
Mark Meuser (S-7)
Harmeet Dhillon (S-11)
John Webster (S-13)
Stephen Knight (S-21)
Charlotte Svolos (S-35)
Rick Bosetti (A-1)
Charles Hooper (A-1)
Brian Dahle (A-1)
Firenza Pini (A-2)
Bob Williams (A-3)
Rico Oller (A-5)
Andy Pugno (A-6)
Phillip Tufi (A-8)
Barbara Ortega (A-8)
Dolores Cooper (A-13)
Jack Mobley (A-21)
David DeFrank (A-23)
Geby Espinosa (A-24)
David Thomas (A-32)
Pedro Rios (A-32)
Tim Donnelly (A-33)
Keith McCowen (A-54)
Tom Lackey (A-36)
Scott Wilk (A-38)
Patricia McKeon (A-38)
Donna Lowe (A-41)
Jay Stern (A-46)
Jose Aguilar (A-53)
Eric Linder (A-60)
Jack Guerrero (A-63)
Bob Magee (A-67)
Phil Paule (A-67)
Melissa Melendez (H-67)
Kenneth Dickson (A-67)
Martha Flores-Gibson (A-70)
Travis Allen (A-72)
Marie Waldron (A-75)
Sherry Hodges (A-76)
Rocky J. Chavez (A-76)
Farrah Douglas (A-76)
Dustin Steiner (A-77)
Brian Mainesdein (A-77)
Matt Mendoza (A-79)

Montana Incumbents

Verdell Jackson (S-5)
Dave Lewis (S-42)
Terry Murphy (S-39)
Bruce Tutvedt (S-3)
Gerald Bennett (H-1)
Mark Blasdel (H-10)
Tom Burnett (H-63)
Kelly Flynn (H-68)
Steve Gibson (H-78)
Alan Hale (H-77)
Brian Hoven (H-24)
Douglas Kary (H-48)
Krayton Kerns (H-58)
Steve Lavin (H-8)
Cleve Loney (H-25)
Jerry O’Neil (H-3)
Ryan Osmundson (H-29)
Lee Randall (H-39)
Dan Skattum (H-62)
Cary Smith (H-55)
Gordon Vance (H-67)
Bob Wagner (H-71)
Wendy Warburton (H-34)
Ted Washburn (H-69)
Max Yates (H-74)

Montana Challengers

Neil Livingstone (Gov)
Corey Stapleton (Gov)

Suzanne Brooks (S-2)
Janna Taylor (S-6)
Richard Seemann (S-7)
Douglas Stuart (S-17)
Tom Tuck (S-33)
Debra Brown (S-34)
Scott Sales (S-34)
Mark Perea (S-41)
Fred Thomas (S-45)
Jerry O’Neil (H-3)
Frank Mutch (H-9)
Randy Pinocci (H-18)
Cleve Loney (H-25)
David Halvorson (H-37)
Jay Arnold (H-43)
Myron Monsen (H-46)
Sarah Lazloffy (H-57)
Debra Lamm (H-61)
Alan Redfield (H-61)
Timothy Adams (H-63)
Clint Field (H-64)
Dave Ponte (H-66)
Gary Wold (H-73)
Greg Miller (H-75)
Ronald James Lassle (H-81)
Marlin Foss (H-88)
Russ Vogel (H-89)
Nancy Balance (H-89)
Gary Sanders (H-97)

Iowa Incumbents

Rick Betrand (S-1)
Mark Chelgren (S-47)
James Hahn (S-46)
Roby Smith (S-41)
Dwayne Alons (H-4)
Clel Baudler (H-58)
Dave Deyoe (H-49)
Cecil Dolecheck (H-24)
Jack Drake (H-21)
Dan Huseman (H-3)
Kraig Paulsen (H-67)
Henry Rayhons (H-8)
Walt Rogers (H-60)
Tom Sands (H-88)
Jason Schultz (H-18)
Chuck Soderberg (H-5)
Matt Windschitl (H-17)

Iowa Challengers

David Edwards (S-16)
Randi Shannon (S-34)
Shawn Hamerlinick (S-46)
Will Johnson (S-50)
Matthew Ung (H-6)
Jeff Mullen (H-22)
Jane Jensen (H-24)
Gabe Swersie (H-29)
James Carley (H-30)
Patti Branco (H-34)
Dave Leach (H-34)
Larry Steele (H-36)
Tony Seliquini (H-36)
John Landon (H-37)
Marshall Nessa (H-55)
Lyn Tackett (H-61)

New Mexico Incumbents

Sue Wilson Beffort (S-19)
Stuart Ingle (S-27)
Gay G. Kernan (S-42)
William Sharer (S-1)
Thomas Anderson (H-29)
Cathrynn Brown (H-55)
Nora Espinoza (H-59)
Candy Spence Ezzell (H-58)
William J. Gray (H-54)
Dianne Miller Hamilton (H-38)
Dennis Kintigh (H-57)
Rick Little (H-53)
Terry McMillan (H-37)
Jane E. Powdrell-Culbert (H-44)

New Mexico Challengers

John Patrick Woods (S-7)
Gerges Scott (S-18)
Lisa Torraco (S-18)
Mark Moores (S-21)
Robert Doughty III (S-21)
Lee S. Cotter (S-36)
Kenneth King (H-15)
Robert D Cain (H-17)
Jane Culbert (H-44)
Claudette Chavez-Hankins (H-68)
Monica Youndblood (H-68)

South Dakota Incumbents

Deb Peters (S-9)
Dan Lederman (S-16)
Steve Hickey (H-9)
Patty Miller (H-16)
Stace Nelson (H-19)
Betty Olson (H-28B)
Dean Schremp (H-28A)

South Dakota Challengers

Erine Otten Jr. (S-6)
Jeff Monroe (S-24)
Phil Jensen (S-33)
Stacey Wollman (S-34)
Elizabeth May (H-27)
David Eatherton (H-29)
Scott Craig (H-33)