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Americans for Tax Reform recognizes the Kentucky and New York incumbents and candidates who have taken the Taxpayer Protection Pledge ahead of the June 23 primary election. The Pledge is a written commitment to hardworking taxpayers and to the American people to “oppose and vote against any and all efforts to increase taxes.”

“By signing The Pledge to the voters, these candidates and incumbents demonstrate that they will safeguard taxpayers from higher taxes,” said Grover Norquist, President of Americans for Tax Reform. “Pledge signers understand that government should be reformed in a way so that it spends and takes less taxpayer dollars, and will oppose tax increases that prolong failures of the past.”

New candidates sign the Taxpayer Protection Pledge regularly. For the most up-to-date information on this race or any other, please visit the ATR Pledge Database

Candidates can still make this important commitment to voters ahead of the June 23 primary by visiting:

The following candidates and incumbents have signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge:

First Name Last Name Office District Number Incumbent
Michael Adams Secretary of State   Yes
Josh Bray State House 71 No
Paul Ham State House 26 No
William Lawrence State House 70 No
Matt Lockett State House 39 No
Tim Miller State House 22 No
Monteia Mundy State House 88 No
Felicia Rabourn State House 47 No
Donald Thrasher State House 50 No
Aaron Yates State House 88 No
Lynn Bechler State House 4 Yes
Kevin Bratcher State House 29 Yes
Joseph Fischer State House 68 Yes
Deanna Frazier State House 81 Yes
Jim Gooch State House 12 Yes
Kim King State House 55 Yes
Norma Kirk-McCormick State House 93 Yes
David Meade State House 80 Yes
Jerry T.  Miller State House 36 Yes
Jason Nemes State House 33 Yes
Brandon Reed State House 24 Yes
G. Hunt Rounsavall State House 32 Yes
Ken Upchurch State House 52 Yes
Russell Webber State House 26 Yes
Larry Nichols State Senate 15 No
Tom Buford State Senate 22 Yes
C.B. Embry State Senate 6 Yes
Rick Girdler State Senate 15 Yes
Stephen Meredith State Senate 5 Yes
Julie Raque Adams State Senate 36 Yes
Mike Wilson State Senate 32 Yes
George Wise State Senate 16 Yes
New York         
First Name Last Name Office District Number Incumbent
RC Ike State House 124 No
Dean Michael State House 106 No
John-Alexander Sakelos State House 26 No
Peter Vazquez State House 138 No
Karl Brabenec State House 98 Yes
Keith Brown State House 12 Yes
Joseph DeStefano State House 3 Yes
David DiPietro State House 147 Yes
Melissa Miller State House 20 Yes
Fred Thiele Jr. State House 1 Yes
William Weber State Senate 38 No
Robert  Ortt State Senate 62 Yes