ATR Releases List of 2014 State Pledge Signers Ahead of Elections in Hawaii

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Posted by Jorge Marin on Friday, August 8th, 2014, 4:55 PM PERMALINK

As the Hawaii primary approaches, Americans for Tax Reform has released a new list of state legislative and state-wide candidates seeking office who have signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge. These candidates have shown a strong commitment to their state’s taxpayers by putting their convictions against new and/or higher taxes in writing. Please show your support at the ballot boxes on Saturday, August 9.


The list for Hawaii is as follows:




  • Sam Slom (S-9)
  • Aaron Johanson (H-32)
  • Bob McDermott (H-40)
  • Cynthia Thielen (H-50)
  • Gene Ward (H-17)
  • Faye Pua Hanonano (H-4)




  • Miles Shiratori (Lt. Gov)
  • Ruth A. Brown (S-21)
  • Bronson Kekahuna Kaahvi (S-6)
  • Tercia Ku (S-21)
  • Julia Allen (H-20)
  • Frederick Fogel (H-3)
  • Victoria Franks (H-16)
  • Jonathan Hoomanawanui (H-14)
  • Bryan Jeremiah (H-41)
  • Carole Kauhiwai Kaapu (H-28)
  • Sam Kong (H-33)
  • Suk Moses (H-42)
  • Richard H. Pohle (H-12)
  • Emil Svrcina (H-37)
  • Kaimanu Takayama (H-48)


Photo Credit: Christopher Jetton

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