Scorecard details position of Presidential candidates on key high tech issues

WASHINGTON- Today Americans for Tax Reform released an updated High Tech Scorecard for the year 2000.  The scorecard details the position of presidential candidates George W. Bush, Al Gore, and John McCain on issues that are important to the high tech community. 
The scorecard examines key issues such as Internet taxes, taxing stock options, encryption, Internet privacy, the death tax, and increases taxes on advertising costs for businesses.
Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform, issued the following statement on the results from the high tech scorecard:
"George W. Bush supports the high tech community on every issue detailed on our scorecard.
"Al Gore either opposes the high tech community or failed to take a position on all but one of the issues on our scorecard.  On two of the issues, Gore\’s campaign did not provide us with an answer."
"On 8 of the 12 issues, John McCain either opposes the high tech community or has failed to take a position.  McCain opposes the high tech community on four of the issues (taxing stock options, abolishing the death tax, encryption, and increasing taxes on advertising), all of which would disproportionately hurt technology companies or their employees.  In addition, the McCain campaign failed to respond to four of the twelve issues."