ATR Releases 2017 List of New Jersey State Pledge Signers

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Posted by Miriam Roff on Thursday, November 2nd, 2017, 12:55 PM PERMALINK

Americans for Tax Reform recognizes the New Jersey incumbents and candidates who have taken the Taxpayer Protection Pledge ahead of the Nov. 7 election. The Pledge is a written commitment to hardworking Garden State taxpayers and to the American people to “oppose and vote against any and all efforts to increase taxes.”

“By signing The Pledge, New Jersey candidates and incumbents demonstrate that they will safeguard taxpayers from higher taxes,” said Grover Norquist, President of Americans for Tax Reform. “Pledge signers understand that government should be reformed in a way that it spends and takes less taxpayer dollars, and will oppose tax increases that prolong failures of the past.”

The following candidates and incumbents have signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge:


·       Louis Greenwald (Assembly -6)

·       Holly Schepisi (Assembly -39)

·       Amy Handlin (Assembly -13)

·       Robert Clifton (Assembly -12)

·       Jon Bramnick (Assembly -21)

·       John DiMaio (Assembly- 23)

·       Sean Kean (Assembly -30)

·       Jay Webber (Assembly -26)

·       Michael Patrick Carroll (Assembly -25)

·       Anthony Bucco Jr. (Assembly- 25)

·       Anthony Bucco (Senate- 25)

·       Gerald Cardinale (Senate-39)

·       Michael Doherty (Senate-23)

·       Tom Kean Jr. (Senate- 21)

·       Shirley Turner (Senate- 15)

·       James Holzapfel (Senate-10)

·       Christopher Connors (Senate-9)

·       Joe Pennacchio (Senate- 26)

·       Dawn Addiego (Senate- 8)

·       Samuel D. Thompson (Senate- 12)


Open Seat Candidates-

·       Teresa Gordon (Assembly - 5)

·       Lewis Glogower (Assembly - 18)

·       Rimma Yakobovich (Assembly - 15)

·       Robert Acerra (Assembly - 11)

·       Michael Alonso (Assembly - 31)

·       Lauren DiGiaro (Assembly - 31)

·       Robert Quinn (Assembly-17)

·       Nadine Wilkins (Assembly-17)

·       Joseph Aubourg (Assembly- 20)

Photo Credit: Keith Ivey

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