Americans for Tax Reform strongly opposes the budget framework for fiscal year 2013 that is being championed by Gov. Quinn and his allies in the Illinois legislature. The governor claims to reform Medicaid and reduce its liability by $2.7 billion. In reality, the majority of the “savings” are not cuts at all, but hundreds of millions of dollars in higher taxes. Unfortunately, there are rumors out of Springfield that Republicans are considering supporting the latest round of Quinn tax hikes.

This scheme also expedites the implementation of Obamacare in the Chicago area by almost 2 years – clearly out of step with the modern GOP. And to be clear: The bill does not include a reduction in accrued obligations, nor does it address the serious structural reforms that need to take place to right-size the state’s budget.

Disguised as “Medicaid Reform,” this package includes a 102 percent cigarette tax increase. Excise taxes have repeatedly been proven ineffective and bad policy that kills jobs and drives commerce across state lines. Not to mention, tobacco tax increases frequently miss revenue projections and lead to lost sales for small businesses. The pending cigarette tax hike is a step in the wrong direction for Illinois in terms of budget stability.

Lawmakers must reject this reckless budget proposal to provide relief for hardworking taxpayers and put Illinois back on the path of fiscal solvency. Click here to see the letter that ATR sent to the Illinois legislature today. Illinois taxpayers should demand that their elected officials stand up for them and reject this fiscally irresponsible bill. Click here to take further action on this issue.