Grover Norquist, President of Americans for Tax Reform, sent a letter today to South Dakota State Representative Steve Hickey, refuting several false claims that Rep. Hickey made about the Taxpayer Protection Pledge. The letter highlighted ATR’s stance on whether user fees are taxes and once again outlined the length of time for which an elected official is bound to the pledge. Mr. Norquist stated:

"ATR does not believe that user fees are taxes, so long as they are true user fees. It is important to look at what a “user fee” is trying to accomplish and there are many instances where it effectively functions as a tax, (i.e. when citizens do not have a way to “opt out” of it). Thus, ATR defines user fees appropriately as when citizens are voluntarily paying for a government service and also have the option to pay for that service in the private sector."

To read a complete copy of the letter, click here