Following the Senate\’s refusal to permanently repeal the Death Tax, ATR issues more aggressive website

WASHINGTON – Americans for Tax Reform (ATR) today released an enhanced version of its no Death Tax issue website at The new version will not only be an information clearinghouse for its visitors, but it will also allow them to contact their elected officials using the latest technologies.

"It is unfortunate and irresponsible that the Senate did not vote for repealing the death tax," Grover Norquist commented. "Re-launching this website is an important step toward building even stronger support for repeal, and informing taxpayers on the harmful affects of this tax."

The new features of the site include:

  • An extensive library of Death Tax related information from top think tanks, organizations, and educational institutions.
  • Feature section to keep visitors informed on key Death Tax news and information.
  • Contact center for elected officials, to let them know that they should permanently kill the Death Tax.
  • List of senators who supported and opposed permanent Death Tax repeal, as well as a list of those who voted against repeal despite having previously supported its elimination.
  • A countdown clock until the Death Tax is fully reinstated

The website was updated in-house by Federal Affairs Manager Dan Clifton and Christopher Stagg.