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Today, Americans for Tax Reform (ATR) announced they will rate against a vote opposing Sen. Murkowski’s EPA Resolution of Disapproval, SJ 26, in their annual Congressional Scorecard.

This administrations attempt to subvert Congress, and the will of the American people, by enacting back-door carbon regulations is reprehensible.

The EPA should not act as chief regulator of America’s economy, it was never intended to.

Acting as a safeguard for the American people, Senator Murkowski’s resolution of disapproval would ensure that the EPA could not overhaul America’s energy industry, and subsequently the American economy.

With the American economy still sluggish and unemployment hovering around 10 percent, any carbon regulation would be disastrous.

ATR urges all members to support this resolution as the EPA should not become the largest regulator of the US economy.

A vote opposing this resolution will be scored in our annual Congressional scorecard. Voting “no” on SJ 26 will negatively affect contention for the Hero of the Taxpayer Award.

For more information, contact Federal Affairs Manager Brian Johnson at [email protected]