Americans for Tax Reform once again presents a series of handy Bingo cards you may use to check off terms and phrases likely to be used during President Obama’s (FINAL!) State of the Union address on Tuesday.

His (FINAL!) State of the Union will begin at 9:00 PM ET.

Print out all versions of the card and watch the speech with your family, friends, co-workers or garden club:

[BINGO Card I] 

[BINGO Card II] 




“Work Together” = I will work together with my pen and phone.                                                  

“Climate change” = Yes, my $380 “working dinner” at L’Ambroisie during the Paris climate conference was truly succulent, thank you.                                                     

“Gun” = Something the peasants cling to which Hillary wants to tax at 25%                       

“Common sense” = If you disagree, you are morally flawed.                                                         

“Jobs” = Where young adults used to spend their time instead of Mom and Dad’s basement.                                                      

“Internet” = A grossly undertaxed and underregulated part of the economy my FCC will ‘fix.’                                                    

“Recovery” = Thank you for not mentioning this is the weakest recovery on record.                                                        

“I” or “Me” = Center of the known universe.                                               

“Investment” = Tax hike.                                                      

“Balanced” = Tax hike.                                                          

“Fair share” = Tax hike.                                                         

“Compromise” = You pay. I spend.                                                   

“Children” or “Grandchildren” = The people picking up the tab.                                                   

“1%” = How kids feel after a Michelle Obama school lunch.                                                           

“College” = Remember that time I tried to tax your 529 savings plan out of existence?         

“Infrastructure” OR “Roads and Bridges” =Let’s raise taxes and funnel the money to bike paths and squirrel sanctuaries.                           

“Energy” = Something I have expended a great deal of to ensure the KeystoneXL is never built.                                                 

“Production” = I’ll just go ahead and take credit for increased oil and gas production due to fracking I had nothing to do with.                                                     

“Education” = Let’s pay off the teachers union at the expense of the kids, again.                                                 

“Affordable” = Unaffordable.                                                           

“Middle Class” = Those who are the direct target of seven Obamacare tax hikes, in violation of my “firm pledge.”                                                          

“Responsibility” = Don’t forget to send in your Obamacare “Shared Responsibility Payment” to the IRS.                                                

“Insurance” = If you like your plan, you can keep your plan. My bad.                                                        

“God bless America” = With the start of tax season, good luck deciphering your Obamacare tax forms. Just remember, our handy acronym SLCSP means Second Lowest Cost Silver Plan. Enjoy!