ATR Praises the Taxpayer Bill of Rights
Keep Taxes on Voters’ Minds at the Polls

Washington, DC – Americans for Tax Reform announced their support for the Republican Study Committee’s Taxpayer Bill of Rights today.  By following the standards set forth in the document, House conservatives hope to bring back fiscal discipline and responsibility to Washington. 

The principles set forth in the document urge fiscal restraint in Congress, limits the growth of government, promises a simplified tax code, and gives Americans the right to receive back each dollar they entrust to the government for their retirement. 

“The Taxpayer Bill of Rights would mean that Congress would finally be forced to live within their means, just like the American people,” said Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform.  “I commend the Republican Study Committee for their devotion to the American taxpayer.”

The Republican Study Committee believes that the $8.8 trillion national debt cannot be addressed through higher taxes.  By controlling government spending and committing themselves to fiscal restraint, the RSC believes it can bring our debt back under control.

“I encourage every member of Congress to abide by the American Taxpayer Bill of Rights,” said Norquist.  “There is no better way to thank the American people for electing you than to promise not to waste their hard-earned money.”