ATR Praises Justice Department Approval of XM/Sirius Merger
Says merger will not harm consumers, FCC to rule next

Washington, DC- The Justice Department, after months of delay, has ruled that the long sought after merger between satellite radio providers XM and Sirius will not harm competition or consumers and does not constitute a monopoly.  This constitutes a major victory for the free-market and advocates who favor allowing companies and individuals to act in their own best interest and not rely on the government to make choices for consumers as to what is best for them.  The deal now moves to the FCC for their approval.

“This is great news for XM and Sirius and consumers,” said Grover Norquist, President of Americans for Tax Reform.  “The quality product that each has provided will only be enhanced if the two companies are allowed to become one.”

XM and Sirius have pledged to offer new services and subscription options to consumers if the merger is approved, options neither company could afford to offer on their own.  Those options will give consumers unprecedented control over the services and packages they subscribe to and offer considerable savings.

“XM and Sirius have pledged to offer innovative, consumer friendly, cost sensitive packages to their subscribers upon final approval of this deal, today consumers are one step closer to that opportunity,” continued Norquist.  “And they offered this deal of their own volition, without government mandates, showing the free-market will adapt and innovate when the market calls for it, not when regulators do.  I hope the FCC rules quickly and in the affirmative so these options can make their way to the market as quickly as possible so consumers can start reaping the benefits of the free-market at work.”