ATR has released a new Policy Brief covering all state-level efforts to impliment e-taxes on the internet and online purchases.  We mentioned earlier this year that with 46 states drowning in the red, money hungry politicians have become crafty at finding new ways to raise revenue – and taxing the fantastic free-market experiment that is the Internet is certainly no exception.

The brief covers four primary areas of taxation:

  • Amazon Tax (or "affiliate nexus tax"): An unconstitutional effort to require out-of-state online retailers to collect taxes for the state.
  • Streamlined Sales Tax Project: A tax-and-spend cartel that aims to extend tax collection to out-of-state retailers and rewrite states’ tax codes behind closed doors to raise tax revenue – all under the guise of simplifying the tax code.
  • Digital Goods Tax: A state-by-state effort to tax music, ringtones, books, and movies purchased online, as well as other digital goods.
  • Internet Access Tax: New taxes on plugging into the internet.

CLICK HERE for a PDF copy.  Also, make sure to check out for all updates on states’ efforts to tax the internet.  You can also follow Stop eTaxes on Twitter (@etaxes) and Facebook.