ATR Releases Energy Tax Hike Analysis Booklet

This week, Americans for Tax Reform (ATR) has released a booklent containing very short, one-page analysis of various tax and energy provisions.

Why is this important? Because the average citizen, Hill staffer and even some Congressmen may not understand what amortization rates are; or that LIFO is a major change to an accounting rule that will cost billions; and that Sec 199 repeal will make every Americans 401(k) worth less – this booklet explains all of this and more.

Everything you need to know (and ATR is continuing to update this booklet) is included in this document; including:

– Fiscally responsible energy points
– Overall Obama budget energy tax analysis
– Amortization rates
– Cap and Trade taxation
– LIFO Explained
– Passive Loss Repeal
– Renewable Portfolio Standards
– IRS Sec. 199 Repeal
– Gulf of Mexico Resource Taxation
– Superfund Explained
– Analysis of Waxman-Markey

Click the image to download the full PDF document.

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