From ATR’s legislative alert to Members of Congress urging a "No" vote on the conference report for the Pelosi-Obama-Reid spending package:

In spite of lofty promises of transparency and accountability on the part of the Administration and Congressional leadership, these have been sorely lacking in the
negotiation process, as Congressional leadership is set to rush this package through Congress against the background of dwindling support from the public.
By the time you will cast your votes, the text will have been publicly available for less than 18 hours.  Taxpayers deserve better than being forced to shoulder a package that has been hastily crafted in secret with little opportunity for input from the Congressional minority, let alone the public.
 This massive spending package spending package under the guise of economic “stimulus” is riddled with wasteful pork-barrel spending that will do nothing to “stimulate” the economy. Instead, it will permanently grow the size of government and serve as a drain on taxpayer wallets.
Click here for a pdf version of the alert.