ATR Letter in Support of Governor Greg Abbott’s Property Tax Relief Proposal

June 2, 2023

To: Governor Greg Abbott

From: Americans for Tax Reform 

Re: Thank you for your leadership in defense of taxpayers 

Greetings Governor Abbott, 

I write today to thank you for your ongoing leadership in pursuit of much need property tax relief, school choice, and spending restraint. Achieving these top priorities is crucial to the well-being of tens of millions of Texans and will ensure the Lone Star State remains a national model for sound governance.

With the nation’s sixth highest average property tax burden, you have rightly made property tax relief the top fiscal priority this year. Your proposal to eliminate 42% of Texans’ property tax bills by phasing out the M&O property tax portion over the next decade would provide significant relief to millions of households and employers. I urge legislators to enact this proposal and send it to your desk as soon as possible. I thank you for your commitment to call another special session should lawmakers fall short of this critical goal. 

The reduction in the rollback rate that you approved in 2019 has already saved Texans billions of dollars. I commend you for recognizing that further reform is needed to achieve necessary property tax relief. The proposal you have laid out would result in the largest tax cut in state history and is complementary to previous reforms. 

In addition to providing much needed relief, your property tax proposal also helps reduce spending levels, something that is needed. This is especially true given that the budget passed this session is one of—if not the—largest spending increases in Texas history. By using your veto pen, you could substantially reduce this excessive spending and use those spending cuts for more property tax relief.

I thank you for your leadership in phasing out a large portion of Texans’ property tax bills, as well as your efforts to reduce overall spending levels and provide school choice to millions of parents. In contrast to the dysfunction and profligacy in Washington, Sacramento, Springfield, and Albany, your leadership in pursuit of pro-growth tax relief and greater spending restraint demonstrates to all Americans that there is a superior approach to governance on offer. 


Grover Norquist

President, Americans for Tax Reform