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Americans for Tax Reform recently released a coalition letter in opposition to an increase in the Passenger Facility Charge (PFC).

The PFC is just one of the many government-imposed costs charged to the flying public that drive up ticket prices. The PFC is collected from enplaned passengers at commercial airports controlled by local and state governments. Revenue earned through the PFC program is used to fund airport improvement projects and is currently capped at $4.50 per enplanement at a maximum of $18 per round trip.

In the letter, the signers state:

Airport executives have repeatedly advocated for nearly doubling the current cap on the PFC, raising it from $4.50 per enplanement to $8.50. This staggering hike would mean a family of four could be charged up to $136 on a roundtrip flight in PFC costs alone.

Before considering raising the PFC, it should be noted that taxes, fees, and other government charges already make up over 20% of the cost of an average domestic flight. Lawmakers should be looking to lighten, not worsen, the burden placed upon the flying public as air travel is an engine that helps spur our nation’s economy.

Lawmakers should oppose a PFC increase whether it is considered as standalone legislation or part of a larger government funding bill. A PFC increase is not needed to finance airport investment, would fall squarely on travelers, and goes against regular order.

You can read the full contents of the letter here.