Today, ATR expressed opposition to any tax hikes being discussed in the Kansas legislature.  Any tax increase would only serve as a patch on a symptom.  The real problem that Kansas needs to address is overspending.  The Kansas State General Fund has grown by 24% since 2005.  As the people of Kansas have had to find ways to cut spending out of their personal budgets, the Kansas government needs to follow suit and make the cuts necessary to live within its means. 

New and higher taxes on the sales tax, the cigarette tax, taxes on alcohol, the income tax, and taxes on sweetened drinks have all been floated this session. 

"Tax increases will only hurt the hopes of a speedy recovery for Kansas from the current economic doldrums it is dealing with.  Tax increases are the wrong idea and would only be addressing a sympton.  The real problem that needs to be addressed is overspending.  During downturns, a state government should not seek to plunder the taxpayers of the state in order to address an overspending problem.  The correct recourse is to cut spending."

-Grover Norquist 

To see ATR’s press release urging signers of the Taxpayer Protection Pledge to "oppose and vote against any and all efforts to increase taxes,"  click here.