Americans for Tax Reform (ATR) this week joined a coalition of free market organizations urging lawmakers to pass the No Regulation without Representation Act, a bill that codifies the requirement for businesses to be physically located in the state before they can be taxed or regulated.

The No Taxation without Representation Act follows decades of government overreach in taxing businesses physically outside the parameters of the state. These government regulations not only challenge state sovereignty, but make it more difficult for small businesses to grow in the market.

The coalition letter released this week and signed by ATR expresses the sentiment to lawmakers that:

“A number of worrisome legislative trends at the state level threaten to erode that foundation of federalism by empowering states to exercise power outside their borders. For example, bills that would dramatically expand authority to collect sales taxes, label restaurant menus, and even determine the appropriate size of chicken cages could impose undue economic burdens on citizens by government officials who are in no way accountable to them. If unchecked, such efforts could substantially harm interstate commerce”

The No Regulation without Representation Act will help ensure that states will have power to dictate their own policies without the backbreaking weight of regulations from other states. Doing so will help small businesses grow without overreach of the government. ATR supports this bill and urges all members of Congress to support and co-sponsor this important legislation. 

Full text of the letter can be found here.