Americans for Tax Reform has joined Californians for Smart Energy. Californians for Smart Energy is a coalition of consumers, taxpayers, employers, trade associations and other organizations working to stop the California Energy Commission’s (CEC) pending regulation that would ban certain TVs in the state. In the name of energy efficiency the CEC 

is moving forward with a new rule that would require TVs to use 33% 

less electricity by 2011 and 49% by 2013. 

ATR and other opponents of this measure contend that it will not have an impact on energy efficiency and will reduce the two items that the Golden State needs most and is already short on: jobs and revenue.

According to a recent study, the new regulation will destroy 4,600 jobs in California tied to TV sales, distribution and installation, and will reduce government coffers by $50 million annually.

The new mandate would outlaw 25% of LCD and plasma screen TVs on the market and all plasma sets over 60 inches would be illegal.

While such bureaucratic interference with personal and economic liberty may seem troubling to most reasonable people, those familiar with California politics, where government control of thermostats and proposals to ban black cars are seriously considered, this is not unbelievable.

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