Senate Confirms Alito, 58-42

Washington, DC- Yesterday Samuel Alito was confirmed as the 110th Associate Justice of the
Supreme Court by a vote of 58-42, which included the support of four Senate Democrats.
Americans for Tax Reform welcomes the newly sworn in Justice Alito to the Court and
congratulates the Senate for fulfilling its constitutional obligation by providing an up or down vote
on Justice Samuel Alito.

“I congratulate Justice Alito on his confirmation to the Supreme Court and I look forward to
his tenure on the bench,”
said Grover Norquist, President of Americans for Tax Reform. “I am
pleased to see that despite the attempts of the ‘Davos Democrats,’ the Senate recognized its
constitutional obligation to vote on the President’s highly-qualified nominee. The decision by
twenty-five Democrats to even attempt a filibuster only shows how much control liberal
activist groups have over that party.”

Americans for Tax Reform actively called upon the Senate to move promptly to an up-or-down vote on the nomination and to confirm Alito, circulating an open letter signed by nearly 600 state
legislators, and submitting draft resolutions to all fifty state legislatures calling on the U.S. Senate to confirm Alito.