Bush to push visionary health insurance reform as part of his Ownership Society Initiative

WASHINGTON, D.C. – President Bush called for the promotion of Health Savings Accounts (HSA\’s) during his acceptance speech at the Republican Convention last night. HSA\’s give workers ownership over their health insurance and allow them to make decisions about their medical treatment, instead of the government and big insurance companies.

"Our current health insurance system was designed for a different era. The next evolutionary step is to move from employer and government controlled programs into individually owned Health Savings Accounts," said ATR President Grover Norquist. "Every American needs and deserves the flexibility and cost savings that HSA ownership provides."

HSA\’s provide workers with low premium coverage for big expenses while allowing them to save tax free money in an interest bearing account to cover the costs of routine, day to day care. Because each plan is individually owned, workers have the security of portability and can take them from job to job. HSA\’s also give consumers the power of personal choice and remove restrictions that come with outdated coverage with costly government mandates.

"Each element of the Ownership Society Initiative offers real reform by giving Americans ownership and choice," continued Norquist. "By encouraging individuals to take ownership of their homes, their retirement savings, and, though HSA\’s, their healthcare, President Bush will empower America to grow and prosper for generations to come."