Yesterday, ATR filed comments with the Federal Communications Commission strongly opposing government regulation of the Internet under proposed Net Neutrality rules.  We focused on many aspects, including Net Neutrality’s negative impact on competition, investment, and employment.  However, the bulk of the comments are directed at why the FCC’s latest attempt to treat Internet service like 1930’s era telephone service is so incredibly ill-conceived.  In the process, we also took aim a number of false, hypothetical and at times completely contradictory claims made by proponents of Net Neutrality.  For example, the idea manufactured for political mileage that the Bush administration deregulated the Internet, despite the fact that the Internet has never been a regulated service.

Official federal rulemaking comments may not be the most exciting things to read, but in the fight to keep the federal government’s hands off the Internet – another 1/6th of the economy – they can be pretty important.  ATR was pleased to join 47,000 opposing comments from individuals supporting the Internet Freedom Coalition.

To read ATR’s comments opposing Net Neutrality, click here.