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Yesterday, Americans for Tax Reform submitted official testimony to the Maine Senate Health & Human Services Committee illustrating the consequences of prohibiting flavors in vaping products. ATR’s Tim Andrews spoke at the hearing, using scientific studies and real-world evidence to demonstrate how banning flavors is proven to hurt business, state tax revenues, all while harming public health.

“These bills would prohibit legal products sold by small business. At this time of high inflation and economic uncertainty, imposing a prohibition on flavored tobacco and vaping products diminishes crucial revenue for small businesses, reducing their capacity to create and sustain jobs.

“Should these proposals become law, Maine will lose out on a significant amount of tax revenue. Since Massachusetts enacted a flavor ban on all vaping and tobacco products, the state is losing more than $10 million each month in excise tax revenue. Maine lawmakers can not afford to make the same mistake that has been made in Massachusetts.

“Flavored vapes are crucial for adults who are trying to quit smoking. Proven 95% less harmful than cigarettes, vapes are products with lifesaving capabilities. A flavor ban in Maine would reduce adult access to these products, preventing them from using the most effective quit-smoking tool ever invented.

“Passing a flavor ban will place public health and the state’s economic stability at risk. Flavor bans are proven policy failures, and the Maine legislature must reject them as such.”

ATR’s full written testimony can be read here. Tim Andrews’ live testimony to members of the Maine House of Representatives can be viewed at the 5:47:09 mark of this video.