Dear Congressman:

This past fall, you were elected by the voters of your district to represent their values—not those of the San Francisco voters who elected Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Many of you promised your constituents that you would be different, and not simply a yes-man for Speaker Pelosi.

Today, you have your first opportunity to assert your independence from the Speaker’s San Francisco values. The House will soon be voting on the rules for the 111th Congress. If you want to make it easier to raise taxes on
families and small businesses, I would urge you to support this rules package. If, however, you want to make it easier to cut taxes and prevent tax hikes, I would strongly urge you to vote against Nancy Pelosi’s rigged House rules.

Dozens of House Democrats call themselves “Blue Dogs” or “New Democrats,” by which they mean that they consider themselves to be more for limited government and lower taxes than mainstream Democrats. In the 110th Congress, Blue Dogs voted with Speaker Pelosi again and again for more government spending and higher taxes. This rules vote is their latest chance, and first of the new Congress, to assert real independence from Nancy Pelosi’s San Francisco values and Chicago machine tactics.


Grover Norquist

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