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Until recently, the economic benefits and personal freedoms of right-to-work were not available to Kentuckians because state lawmakers have blocked such laws. But late last year, this began to change thanks to brave local officials.

Starting with Warren County in December 2014, local authorities used Kentucky’s home rule statute – which gives significant economic development authority to Kentucky counties – to successfully pass a right-to-work ordinance. To date, 11 more counties have followed suit and even more are considering.

And no wonder. The Bowling Green Area Chamber of Commerce reported that since Warren County became right-to-work, it has had interest from more than 40 companies, representing over $800 million in potential investment and 4,000 new jobs.

The Center for Worker Freedom (CWF) knows that as news of this economic success spreads, many Kentuckians would like to learn more about local-right-to-work and the truth about labor unions. So to help, and CWF will be hosting a town hall at the Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky to promote local-right-to-work.

The town hall will be held on Monday, May 18th and feature a panel of experts and lawmakers:

State Representative Jim DeCesare, 17th District, Warren, Butler counties

Jim Waters, President, Bluegrass Institute

Matt Patterson, Executive Director, Center for Worker Freedom

Ron Bunch, Bowling Green Area Chamber of Commerce

Jason Nemes, Fultz Maddox Hovious & Dickens PLC

Jon Crosby, Field Representative of Senator Rand Paul

The panel will educate workers, managers and business owners on the economic benefits of right-to-work, gives workers the freedom to decide whether or not they want to belong and pay dues to a union.

So come join us Monday for panel presentations from 6:00-7:00 PM CST and a Q&A from 7:00-7:30 PM CST.