On behalf of Americans for Tax Reform, we would like to congratulate the following incumbents and challengers for their success in primaries in Virginia for their written commitment to oppose higher taxes. Each has signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge to Virginia taxpayers.

State Incumbents

Richard Black-State Senate 13th district

Tom Garrett Jr- State Senate 22nd district

Steve Newman-State Senate 23rd district

Mark Obenshain- State Senate 26th district

Frank Ruff-State Senate 13th district

Ralph Smith-State Senate 19th district

Bill Standly State-Senate 20th district

Jill Holtzman- State Senate 27th district

David Albo State- Senate 42nd district

Robert Bell- State Senate 58th district

Stephen Martin- State Senate 11th district

Kathy Byron- House 22nd district

Ben Cline-House 23rd district

Mark Cole- House 88th district

Kirk Cox- House 66th district

Todd Gilbert- House 15th district

Greg Habeeb- House 8th district

Tim Hugo- House 40th district

Dave Larock-House 33rd district

Steve Landes- House 25th district

Scott Lingamfelter- House 31st district

Robert Marshall- House 13th district

Randy Minchew- House 10th district

Israel O’Quinn- House 5th district

Chris Peace- House 97th district

David Ramadan- House 87th district

Lee Ware Jr-House 65th district

Michael Webert-House 18th district

Tony Wilt-House 26th district

Tommy Wright-House 61st district

State Challengers

Amanda Chase-Senate 11th district