On behalf of Americans for Tax Reform, we would like to congratulate the following incumbents and challengers for their success in the Mississippi primary. Each has signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge, a written commitment to Mississippi taxpayers to oppose higher taxes.​


·        Gov. Phil Bryant

·        Josh Harkins (S-20)

·        Dean Kirby (S-30)

·        Angela Burks Hill (S-40)

·        Billy Hudson (S-45)

·        Gary Chism (H-37)

·        Jeff Smith (H-39)

·        Bobby Moak (H-53)

·        Alex Monsour (H-54)

·        John Moore (H-60)

·        Ray Rogers (H-61)

·        Bill Denny Jr. (H-64)

·        Stephen Horne (H-81)

·        Bill Pigott (H-99)

·        Mark S. Formby (H-108)

·        Richard Bennett (H-120)


·        Chris Caughman (S-35)

·        Dennis Quinn (S-38)

·        Dennis Debar (S-43)

·        Steve Hopkins (H-7)

·        Robert Foster (H-28)

·        Jerrerico Chambers (H-33)

·        Vance Cox (H-75)

Tony Smith, candidate for Public Service Commissioner, District 2, will be in a runoff election on August 25th