Yesterday, Louisiana Representative Steve Scalise was elected to serve as the Chairman of the Republican Study Committee for the 113th Congress. As a former Taxpayer Protection Pledge Caucus Chair at the state level, Scalise will be the first Caucus Chair to head the RSC.

The Committee represents more than two-thirds of the House Republican conference. Scalise’s commitment to common sense conservative and limited government principles will guide his leadership of the Committee.

With uncertainty about the result of fiscal cliff negotiations, it is likely that legitimate tax, spending, and entitlement reform will be kicked down the road. The RSC will play an instrumental role in ensuring the House stands strongly opposed to the status quo.

As a former Taxpayer Protection Pledge Caucus Chair and Taxpayer Protection Pledge signer, Scalise is well-equipped to rally support behind policies that ensure more families and businesses get to keep their hard earned money.

“I want to congratulate Rep. Scalise on his election as Chairman of the Republican Study Committee. As a former Taxpayer Protection Pledge Caucus Chair, Scalise understands the importance of getting government spending under control without forcing taxpayers to fork over more of their hard earned money,” said Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform.

Standing strong in opposition to President Obama and Majority Leader Reid’s tax hiking and overspending agenda will be an important mission for the RSC in the coming months. Scalise is well-equipped to lead this group because of his commitment to limited government principles,” continued Norquist.