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Today, Americans for Tax Reform condemned the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for indicating it will attempt to regulate the Internet under portions of Title II of the Communications Act.  The FCC is pushing for these new regulations in order to enact Net Neutrality rules.

Kelly William Cobb, executive director of Americans for Tax Reform’s Digital Liberty Project released the following statement:

“The Commission’s indication that it wants to regulate the Internet under an arcane law designed for 1930s telephone companies, all to enact so-called ‘Net Neutrality’ rules, is a prime example of the tail wagging the dog.  Given that the Internet has flourished as an unregulated entity for over 25 years, this move by the FCC is unwarranted, overreaching, and destined to crush investment and growth throughout the entire Internet ecosphere.”

“Consumers – not government – are the best regulators of businesses, and these consumers have long used market-correcting forces to protect their interests on the Internet.  Instead, the FCC’s decision will open the door to anti-free market policies such as price setting, taxes, and other regulatory impediments to Internet expansion and adoption.  Further, the vague nature of what and how rules will apply creates enormous uncertainty for service providers currently planning to invest in expanding broadband networks.”

“A U.S. Court of Appeals recently told the FCC that their overzealous drive to enact Net Neutrality regulations was an attempt to ‘shatter’ the bounds of their authority.  It’s clear that without the consent of Congress or the Courts, the Commission is continuing its reckless pursuit.”