Americans for Tax Reform (ATR) commends the Taxpayer Protection Pledge signers in Colorado, Illinois, New York, Oklahoma, and Utah for their primary victories.   

By signing the Pledge, these candidates have made a written commitment to the people of their respective states to oppose and vote against any and all income tax increases if elected to Congress.  

The following primary winners signed the Pledge:


  • U.S. House
    • Ken Buck (Incumbent, CO-04)
    • Doug Lamborn (CO-05)
    • Barbara Kirkmeyer (CO-08)
  • U.S. Senate
    • Joe O’Dea
  • State House
    • Dan Woog (Incumbent, SH-19)
    • Colin Larson (Incumbent, SH-25)
    • Rod Bockenfeld (Incumbent, SH-56)
    • Stephanie Luck (Incumbent, SH-60)


  • U.S. House
    • Catalina Lauf (IL-11)
    • Mary Miller (IL-15)
    • Darin LaHood (IL-16)
  • State House
    • Brad Stephens (Incumbent, SH-20)
    • Matthew Schultz (SH-21)
    • Joe Sosnowski (Incumbent, SH-69)
    • Adam Niemerg (Incumbent, SH-102)
  • State Senate
    • Dave Syverson (Incumbent, SS-35)
    • Sue Rezin (Incumbent, SS-38)

New York 

  • State House
    • Fred Thiele (Incumbent, SH-1)
    • Jodi Giglio (Incumbent, SH-2)
    • Joseph DeStafano (Incumbent, SH-3)
    • Keith Brown (Incumbent, SH-12)
    • Kevin West (Incumbent, SH-54)
    • Chris Kannady (Incumbent, SH-91)
    • Karl Brabenec (Incumbent, SH-98)
    • David DiPietro (Incumbent, SH-147)


  • U.S. House
    • Kevin Hern (Incumbent, OK-01)
    • Frank Lucas (Incumbent, OK-03)
    • Tom Cole (Incumbent, OK-04)
    • Stephanie Bise (Incumbent, OK-05)
  • U.S. Senate
    • Markwayne Mullin
    • James Lankford


  • U.S. House
    • Blake Moore (Incumbent, UT-01)
    • John Curtis (Incumbent, UT-03)
    • Burgess Owens (Incumbent, UT-04)
  • U.S. Senate
    • Mike Lee
  • State House
    • Michael Petersen (Incumbent, SH-2)
    • Jason Kyle (SH-8)
    • Karianne Lisonbee (Incumbent, SH-14)
    • Jordan Teuscher (Incumbent, SH-44)
    • Carl Albrecht (Incumbent, SH-70)

There are currently 180 Pledge signers in the U.S. House and 44 Pledge signers in the U.S. Senate. 85 percent of all congressional Republicans have made the written commitment to oppose higher taxes. In contrast, ZERO congressional Democrats have made that promise. 

“The Taxpayer Protection Pledge stands as a barrier against tax hikes and makes continued pro-growth tax reform possible. We are ecstatic about the candidates’ decisions to sign the Taxpayer Protection Pledge to their constituents,” said Grover Norquist, President of Americans for Tax Reform. 

In President Biden’s first year, he championed a multi-trillion dollar tax and spend bill, which includes the largest tax increase since 1968. These tax hikes would disproportionately hurt workers, retirees, consumers, and small businesses. Taxpayers should expect more of the same for the remainder of his presidency.  

“The American people are looking for solutions that create jobs and grow the economy. Signing the Taxpayer Protection Pledge and holding the line on taxes is the first step in that process,” continued Norquist. 

New candidates sign the Taxpayer Protection Pledge regularly. For the most up-to-date information on these races or any others, please visit the ATR Pledge Database