CFA and ATR have sent a letter to the Senate Finance Committee, urging members of the committee to vote no on the health care bill. The committee rejected an amendment to its health care bill that would have required its actual legislative language to be posted online for 72 hours prior to a vote taking place. In consequence, a bill that fundamentally alters the health care system, increases spending by intolerable amounts and raises taxes will not be viewed by the public nor be subject to a mandatory waiting period to ensure lawmakers have ample opportunity to read the bill. The lack of transparency involved in crafting this legislation should cause serious concerns amongst legislators.  From our letter:

A preliminary score simply is not good enough, and Congress should take its time to weigh all its decisions carefully, while seeking more input from the public.  Taxpayers feel this way, too: A recent Rasmussen poll shows that 83 percent of Americans want bills posted online in final form before Congress votes on them. Of this, 64 percent favor a two-week period, not just 72-hours. Taxpayers will no longer stand for a rushed and opaque legislative process.

Leaving the merits of the package, which we oppose, aside, the lack of an opportunity for both members and taxpayers to scrutinize the legislative language in its final form and its fiscal impact is reason enough to vote No on the Committee’s healthcare plan, and we hope you will cast your vote accordingly.

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