The Senate is poised to consider a Continuing Resolution this week that will extend government funding until March 4, 2011. After rejecting the bloated omnibus spending bill for FY 2011, this represents a step forward in federal fiscal accountability and will hopefully pave the way for true spending reform.

Reject Extra Spending: The Continuing Resolution (CR) extends funding at FY 2010 levels, with $1.6 billion in excess spending. ATR and CFA are disappointed that extra spending has been included in the bill and expect funding efforts initiated in the spring to cut, and not increase, federal baselines.

FY 2010 Levels Not Ideal: The CR instantiates FY 2010 level for longer than what is ideal— FY 2010 spending levels represent government baselines swollen by extravagant “stimulus” spending and expansive government overreach. However, a short-term CR will allow for deliberate and comprehensive debate on the FY 2011 appropriations in the spring; at which time federal spending would ideally be cut back to 2008 levels.

Federal Pay Freeze: ATR and CFA are encouraged by the inclusion in the CR of a federal pay freeze for two years. This illustrates that senators are serious about getting the federal fiscal house in order, and we look forward to working with lawmakers in March to ensure fiscal restraint and spending reform define the appropriations process for Fiscal Year 2011.