CFA and ATR have sent a letter in support of the House GOP alternative to Rep. Dingell’s "Doc Fix" shenanigans.  From our letter:

Unlike H.R. 3961, the so-called “Doc Fix” bill sponsored by Rep. John Dingell, (D-Mich.), the Republican alternative is shenanigan-free, and would provide for fair physician reimbursement while being fully paid-for by cutting wasteful spending.

Just like the Senate bill Sen. Reid tried and failed to pass through the Senate last month, Rep. Dingell’s bill is nothing but a poorly veiled attempt to sneak past taxpayers a massive healthcare-related cost. Honest accounting would have meant that this cost should have been part of the estimate for the already outrageously expensive government health bill passed by the House.

By contrast, the Republican alternative would ensure that physicians are appropriately compensated while including reforms that would fully offset the cost of the bill.

Taxpayers are already struggling to make ends meet, and should not be forced to shoulder yet another costly burden. Only a fully-offset “Doc Fix” bill can be considered responsible, and we consequently urge you to support the Republican motion to recommit and reject Rep. Dingell’s Medicare Physician Payment Reform Act.