Tax was implemented to pay for wiring of schools to Internet,
now 95% are online

Washington-  Americans for Tax Reform today called on President Bill Clinton and Vice President Gore to lead the charge to repeal the "Gore Tax," a tax imposed by the FCC (not Congress) to pay for an ambitious yet vague program aimed at connecting our nation\’s schools to the Internet. 

Last night, President Clinton reported that 95% of our nation\’s classrooms have been wired to the Internet.  The FCC just requested an additional $4.72 billion for their E-rate program to wire the rest of the schools.

"With 95% of our nation\’s schools connected to the Internet isn\’t it time to give Americans a break," asked Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform.  "Eliminating the E-rate program would save taxpayers an extra $4.72 billion dollars this next year alone, and would not make a dent in federal budget numbers."

"With 95% of our nation\’s schools wired to the Internet it is time to turn our attention from wiring our schools to educating our children, and Mr. Gore, no phone tax in the world can do that," Norquist concluded.