Congressman Van Taylor (R-Texas), along with Congressman Lou Correa (D-Calif.), recently introduced H.R. 3364, the “Truth in Taxation Act,” bipartisan legislation that will require all legislation to clearly state if it cuts or increases taxes.

Americans for Tax Reform released a letter in support of this bill. If passed, this bill would ensure transparency, discourage hidden tax hikes within large spending bills, and hold politicians accountable. 

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May 24th, 2021

Dear Congressman Taylor:

I write in support of H.R. 3364, the “Truth in Taxation Act,” bipartisan legislation you recently introduced with Congressman Lou Correa (D-Calif.). This bill would prohibit Congress from considering legislation which impacts federal taxes or fees unless it includes a statement explaining such increases or decreases. All members of Congress should support and co-sponsor this legislation.

The Truth in Taxation Act is a simple but important bill that will require all legislation to clearly state if it cuts or reduces taxes. This is a commonsense requirement that will help ensure more transparent lawmaking and prevent members of Congress from sneaking tax hikes into larger pieces of legislation.

The Truth in Taxation Act would prevent lawmakers from hiding away tax increases in 500-page bills, only for both legislators and the American people to find out about it later. After all, Democrats have already done this several times within the first few months of the new administration.

In the COVID-19 “relief” bill, the Democrats snuck in several tax increases, totaling $60 billion. These tax hikes were incorporated at the end of the legislative process, leaving little room for scrutiny and criticism.

It is imperative that there is transparency about the true cost of legislation. Lawmakers should be held accountable for the laws they introduce, vote for, and pass. A lack of accountability can facilitate new tax increases, as politicians can continue treating the American public like an endless jar of cash with no repercussions.

If lawmakers are serious about protecting taxpayers from tax increases, creating a more transparent government, and ensuring the impact of a law is understood before it is signed into law, they should co-sponsor and support your bill, the Truth in Taxation Act.



Grover Norquist

President, Americans for Tax Reform