While eliminating these two policies that buttress the ethanol industry are an encouraging first step, Senators who truly wish to end the government’s favoritism towards the ethanol industry must also vote for Sen. DeMint’s forthcoming amendment.

Sen. DeMint’s amendment repeals the real policy distorting the energy market —the Renewable Fuel Standard (the mandate)—and eliminates the death tax. The tax cut contained within the DeMint amendment overwhelms the Feinstein/Coburn tax hike allowing Taxpayer Protection Pledge signers to freely vote to eliminate the ethanol tax credit and tariff so long as they also vote for the DeMint amendment.

Again, as long as Taxpayer Protection Pledge signers that voted for the Feinstein/Coburn amendment also vote for the DeMint amendment, they will be in keeping with the Pledge they made to their constituents. Taken together, this elimination of favoritism toward ethanol is not a violation of the Taxpayer Protection Pledge.