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A new bill would overturn a Biden administration policy that allows Big Labor bosses to physically infiltrate businesses and collect information.

Congresswoman Mary Miller (R-Ill.) on Thursday introduced a resolution under the Congressional Review Act (CRA) to nullify the Occupational Safety & Health Administration’s (OSHA) “Worker Walkaround” rule. This rule, finalized by OSHA in April 2024 with an effective date of May 31st, would allow union organizers to join alongside OSHA inspectors when they visit a business, so long as the current OSHA regime states that it is “reasonably necessary” for the organizer to attend.

Ordinarily, individuals accompanying OSHA inspectors are people who are employed by the company being inspected. Under the Biden administration’s new rule, a union organizer would not have to be an employee of the company––and the company does not need to be unionized already.

By providing legal rights for organizers to enter the property of non-unionized businesses, the Biden administration is giving another lopsided advantage to unions in their organizing drives. Union bosses could collect information about the business and communicate with employees in an environment where they ordinarily would not be able to do so, while at the same time stripping businesses of the right to choose which private individuals can or cannot use their property.

Congresswoman Miller’s proposal would prevent Biden’s rule from taking effect and stripping away the rights of businesses.

“The Biden administration’s continued regulatory encroachment in the workplace bogs down American employers with more red tape and hinders the advancement of free enterprise in our country,” said Rep. Miller about her bill. “Joe Biden’s government wants to control every aspect of American taxpayers’ lives, including in the workplace. Burdensome government regulations will prolong the stagnation of our economy, and force employers to spend more money to ensure that they are compliant with unnecessary laws.”

The business community has already spoken out against Biden’s OSHA rule and in favor of Congresswoman Miller’s proposal. The Coalition for Workplace Safety sent a letter on Friday signed by 58 business organizations urging members of Congress to support the CRA resolution to nullify the rule.

“Passing the resolution is critical to safeguarding OSHA’s mission of providing safe and healthy workplaces across the country, preventing OSHA officers from being put in the middle of labor disputes between employers and unions, defending employers’ property rights, and defending workers’ right to choose representation through the appropriate process,” wrote the 58 organizations in their letter.

Americans for Tax Reform urges members of Congress to support Congresswoman Miller’s CRA resolution to overturn the OSHA walkaround rule, to protect the rights of employers and employees alike.