Welcome to Alaska sign on the Yukon Highway by Richard Martin is licensed under CC BY 2.0

On Thursday, Alaska Governor Mike Dunleavy vetoed Senate Bill 45, a bill that would have expanded the excise tax on non-cigarette tobacco products to include e-cigarettes. The bill would have established a 35% tax rate on vaping products. There is currently no tax on e-cigarettes in Alaska. ATR would like to commend Governor Dunleavy for defending taxpayers in Alaska while improving public health in the process.

Tim Andrews, ATR’s Director of Consumer Issues, said “Governor Dunleavy’s decision to veto this bill is a huge relief to Alaskans who rely on vaping products to stay away from deadly combustible cigarettes.”

“Rejecting the tax hike will also make it easier for those who currently smoke to achieve cessation using vapor products. We know that many people who smoke cigarettes are low-income. Raising the price of a product proven to be 95% safer than smoking and the most effective way to get smokers to quit would have been unconscionable. Governor Dunleavy’s veto was necessary and highly appropriate.”

“As a proud signer of the ATR Taxpayer Protection Pledge, Governor Dunleavy has made a commitment to his constituents to oppose all tax increases. This veto is proof of his dedication to the taxpayers of Alaska and we applaud this pro-science, pro-taxpayer decision.”

Governor Dunleavy’s full statement regarding the veto can be read here.