Yesterday, President Donald J. Trump signaled his intent to nominate Brendan Carr as Commissioner to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for the remaining term ending in June 13, 2018 and an additional term of 5 years expiring June 13, 2023. Carr has served at the Commission for five years and currently serves as the General Counsel of the FCC where he is the chief legal advisor to the FCC.

The following can be attributed to Grover Norquist, President of Americans for Tax Reform:

“I congratulate Brendan Carr for his upcoming nomination to the FCC. Throughout his past five years at the Commission, Carr has created a distinguished record as top advisor to then Commissioner Ajit Pai and as the General Counsel to the Commission. Carr will be a strong asset to the Commission. I applaud the president’s choice for FCC Commissioner and I urge the Senate to confirm his nomination.”

The following can be attributed to Katie McAuliffe, Executive Director of Digital Liberty:

“Brendan Carr has a distinguished record at the commission throughout his past five years of service in his various roles including his position as the Commission’s General Counsel.  I congratulate him on his coming nomination.

“His knowledge of wireless policy and public safety will aid the Commission in making key decisions within the FCC’s broad jurisdiction. Carr’s elevation to Commissioner ensures that there are 5 in-the-weeds experts directing the FCC’s activity, eliminating the learning curve and demonstrating the Presidents understanding of how important the telecommunications industry is to our country’s economic future. I applaud the President’s intent to nominate Carr to serve as an FCC Commissioner and I urge all Senators to confirm his nomination.”

Traditionally, Presidents nominate at least one Commissioner from the other party and are voted on and confirmed in the Senate together. Since no party can have more than a one vote majority, President Trump also recently nominated Jessica Rosenworcel who served as the Democratic commissioner until 2016. If confirmed, FCC leadership would have five members, filling all remaining commissioner seats at the FCC.   

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore