In this fairly red district, the GOP primary looks exciting as over 10 candidates duke it out for the nomination. The good news: the majority have signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge.

The seat should be an easy win for the Republicans. John Shadegg (R-Ariz.) is retiring this year, and his seat is wide open. Cook Political Report rates it a Likely R with a PVI of R+9. Shadegg received 54 percent of the vote in 2008 and McCain took the district with 56 percent of the vote to Obama’s 42. It is a conservative, tax-conscious constituency, according to Cook.

Some candidates have not yet chosen to show their commitment to lower taxes and fiscal responsibility to the Arizonian voters. 

Future representatives should prove without a doubt that they are committed to keeping the government’s cut of your paycheck to a minimum by signing the Pledge. Voters should ask their candidates to sign. The following have not yet signed the Pledge:

AZ-03 Bob Branch (R)

AZ-03 LeAnn Hull (R)

AZ-03 Jon Hulbard (D)

In addition one candidate, Paulina Morris (R) has publicly refused to take the Pledge. “I will never say I will never do this or I will always do that because that’s not what we need. We need thoughtful decisions,” she said.

Her plea for thoughtful decisions calls to mind Tom Campbell’s statements in California refusing to sign the Pledge…and look how well that turned out for him. Voters knew that his refusal was indicative of his soft stance on fiscal issues. Morris, a Chicago-native, also lacks true fiscal conservatism, and her wariness to put her economic views in writing should be a red flag to voters.

The following candidates in the third district have made a written promise to their constituents to oppose tax hikes that Americans can not afford. In this district, such a vow should hold some weight with voters. ATR strongly urges Arizonians to take note of whether their candidate has signed the Pledge this November.

AZ-03 Pamela Gorman (R)

AZ-03 Ed Winkler (R)

AZ-03 Jim Waring (R)

AZ-03 Steve Moak (R)

AZ-03 Sam Crump (R)

AZ-03 Ben Quayle (R)

AZ-03 Vernon Parker (R)

ATR encourages all candidates nationwide to sign the Pledge to protect taxpayers in their district and across America from rising taxes. For more information on the pledge and a full list of signers, click here.