doug ducey

Today, Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey signed into law three bills that make Arizona a friendly state for innovative sharing economy services.

“It’s time for our laws to get with the times,” said Governor Ducey. “The sharing economy offers people great services at the tip of their finger and the click of an app. Now, Arizona leads the nation in embracing the Sharing Economy, including the growing homesharing industry. We are committed to doing everything we can to support 21st-century companies that employ Arizonans, advance the way we do business and improve the way we live.

The bills address three of the most pressing issues facing innovators today. Taken from the Governor’s press release:

HB 2652: While other states punish companies for utilizing independent contractors, Arizona will give new start-ups the freedom to choose how to structure their business model — a vital issue in the Sharing Economy. HB 2652 gives certainty to online platforms operating in our state.

SB 1350: Arizona recognizes that in order for the sharing economy to thrive, government needs to adjust and innovate. This bill empowers companies to pay taxes on behalf of their customers, a big issue for homesharing participants.

SB 1524: Regulations should come from lawmakers – not bureaucrats – and only when absolutely necessary. As the economy innovates, this bill will ensure that regulators can’t rush to action and hamper entrepreneurism by applying antiquated regulations to new, evolving ways of doing business.”