Rejecting Hypocrisy at the Highest Levels of Government

Read the letters sent to the 38 Senators here.
View a copy of the pledge here.

WASHINGTON – On Tuesday, June 7th the United States Senate passed bipartisan tax relief legislation, HR. 1836, providing American taxpayers with the tax relief they deserve. Both Republicans and Democrats in the Senate stated that they believe American\’s tax dollars truly do belong to American taxpayers.  The Senators showed that they believe all American people have the right to choose how they want to spend their tax dollars.

After a 62-38 vote, 38 Senators decided that the American people did not deserve tax relief.  38 Senators decided that they were better able to decide for American taxpayers how to spend their money.  The question is: will these same Senators deny themselves the tax relief that they were willing to deny the American people.  To find out, ATR has sent these Senators the Anti-Hypocrisy Pledge.

The pledge would commit the Senator to personally reject any tax cut passed that they voted against.  When the tax bill (which the Senators so very much opposed) becomes law, ATR and the American Taxpayer asks only that the Senators refuse to take for personal gain that which they voted to deny to their constituents.

"Signing the pledge demonstrates Senators\’ commitment to oppose rank hypocrisy.  Refusing to benefit from the elimination of the death tax, the reduction in the marriage penalty, the reduction in personal income tax rates, the doubling of child tax credits and any other tax cuts that pass would show real leadership in opposition to these principles," says Damon B. Ansell, Vice President for Policy at ATR.  Will Hillary Rodham Clinton choose to deny herself the benefit of tax relief?  Will Jon Corzine make the choice to reject Hypocrisy?  Will Ted Kennedy